Re-usable box
No fumigation - ISPM 15 Exempt - Weatherproof

Due to the nature of the solution, plywood (normally a thickness of 12mm or greater) is used, with either the standard steel clip (which requires a tool or small lever) or the QIK Clip (which requires no tools). These solutions are designed to flat pack and offer a low environmental impact for their repeated use.


The construction of the solution is sufficient to be re-used until the clips or wood are no longer serviceable. By design the solution is guaranteed as a multi-use returnable solution and will last for many years. This solution is normally graded according to a standard (country or more general) and is suitable for some existing standards without further testing.


Our 18mm plywood boxes have been compression tested to 23 Metric tons, thereby allowing safe stacking, while reducing the requirement for warehouse real estate space.