Providing protection for your equipment and products, Clip-Lok’s solutions span the range. Tried and tested globally our product offerings are available for various size products from small and fragile, to large and heavy machinery. 

Our one way expendable solutions are ideal for OEM’s shipping offshore, with a focus on specialised dunnage aimed to reduce vibration and shock for the long haul. 

Our reusable boxes for moving your parts between multiple suppliers, with specialised dunnage for storage and easy access to parts assists with Just-in-Sequence (JIS) and Just-in-time (JIT) deliveries. 

Clip-Lok is the ideal partner for optimising your packaging solutions, utilising our product design capabilities and multi-material knowledge for product safety and testing. Internationally we have supplied solutions through various engineering segments and transported a variety of products; 

Industrial motors and engines

3d printers

Switching cabinets

Automated equipment and robotics

Graphical Equipment

Films and Rolls