The healthcare industry is known for its utilization of equipment and technology which can be fragile, sensitive, expensive and state of the art. The challenges faced with some of the large and cumbersome products is “How to protect them?”  and “How to transport them safely?”. 

Our capabilities allow us to provide solutions specific to imaging and monitoring and other equipment assets; 

X-Ray machines

Ultrasound monitors

Nuclear Medicine Imaging

MRI’s (magnetic resonance imaging), 

CT Scanners (Computed Tomography)

Photoacoustic imaging

Infusion Pumps

Anaesthetic machines

Cardiac & Respiratory machines

Patient Monitors

Hospital Beds


The responsibility of the packaging and transportation of these items often falls on the manufacturer, reseller or appointed contractor. The packaging usually cannot be stored at the hospital after delivery due to space limitations and when stored at the suppliers warehouse solid boxes take up a large volume of space and are not always stackable.

The Clip-Lok solutions are not only adaptable but focus on the very essence of being a flat pack, stackable option. The boxes are easy to open and close for assembly and designed with the dunnage suited to protect your valuable products.

The Clip-Lok solutions have been designed and adapted to the specificity of various countries. The transfer of knowledge within Clip-Lok supports our customers with mass production and product development that takes place worldwide. This allows us to provide OEM’s with the peace of mind on a global scale whilst delivering premium healthcare packaging solutions.  

“The boxes can be fitted with an RFID tag containing the details of the equipment, serial number and lot number and linked to the customer’s account. The box can be stored at the suppliers warehouse and reassembled on site if and when transportation of the goods are again required. “

Medical Transport.jpeg