Who we are...

Clip-Lok SimPak (ANZ) Limited

operates locally and throughout Australia, specialising in transport packaging solutions that reduce customers’ total costs and minimise environmental impact. We endeavour to create and refine successful solutions based on our customers needs and requirements.


Smart Design, Maximum Impact

If you are looking for a one-way expendable solution or a returnable and reusable box, we have the solution for you. 

Expendable box

Ideal for one way shipping with the unique Clip-Lok QIK clip and profiled OSB panels. The solution is easy, simple and cost-effective.  

Returnable box 

Designed to be used, again and again,  these boxes are assembled with spring steel clips and profiled plywood panels.


Our Why

Cost Effective Solutions

The Clip-Lok Solution provides cost savings through each section of the Logistics chain. 



The most significant cost in the chain. Optimal and tailored designed packaging solutions can reduce the overall transport costs.


Packaging solutions should enable fast, easy and safe packing and loading procedures, improving the working environment and reducing handling time. You can focus on the core processes of your business rather than packing and packaging. 



Enjoy improved delivery planning with Clip-Lok's complete packing solution, One vendor for your complete packing solution. 

Product Protection

During transit packaging protects your products from the stresses throughout the supply chain. We know that building a strong box is easy and does the job, but a solution which optimises the cost of packaging, damages and claims by using the minimum material requirements, well that's smart. 




Collapsible packaging solution with stacking capabilities and optimal fill efficiencies enable you to save space not only in the receiving areas of your warehouse but with finished products too. 



Packaging material choice impacts waste management and waste disposal costs; which should form part of the packaging solutions total cost. Clip-Lok design packaging aimed at reducing the overall environmental impact in production, transport and end of life management.